Bounty Angels ICO Review

This project is used for automating the process of marketing. This platform creates a semi-automatic bounty campaign that provides help to bounty hunters and helps overcome any issues which may be faced by bounty campaigns for advertising agencies and blockchain projects.

This is more than just a simple platform but can also be considered as a service that can allow a business to solve a variety of problems. It is also used for controlling the activities and for the remuneration of bounty hunters.

Bounty Angels ICO

How Does It Solve the Problem?

  • Most of the bounty hunters take part in a variety of campaigns and can use a private account that can provide information on the programs the user may be interested in.
  • In most bounty hunter campaigns, users are given a particular number of tokens and this problem can be solved by Bounty Angels, which help make transactions easier, safer and faster.
  • This platform is also used to monitor in real time the activities of bounty hunters. It can also be used for organizing data and information in various dynamic reports, which makes the program really effective and reduces the wastage of tokens.

Main Features

  • This platform provides bounty hunters the opportunity to be able to manage their campaigns in a more effective manner and to be rewarded with tokens upon completion.
  • It has plans for providing a training course so that more people can participate in the bounty campaigns more effectively through the guidelines.
  • It will provide automatic activity search in the more advanced stages of the system so that the bounty hunters would not have to provide links to their campaigns, which will be helpful to make the process easier and faster.

Information About the ICO

  • The goal for fundraising: Soft cap at US $100,000 and hardcap at US $500,000
  • Tokens accepted: BTC / ETH

Last Words

This project can be really successful, especially for those who are bounty hunters and want a platform where they can manage their campaigns easily and without any hassle. Moreover, since this system is using blockchain technology, the information provided by the user is safe and secure and it provides sufficient compensation to users for putting in their efforts. To see more reviews like this then check out

I’m joining!

My search for the Next Big Thing has ended. I’m joining forces with the super-talented ninakix to co-found!

You do read Nina’s blog, right? Or you’ve read her TechCrunch post about the social network paradox? They’re definitely worth checking out. Nina is actually from the Internet.

I’m taking the role of CTO at I have just 3 responsibilities:

  • building our technology
  • creating a sustainable culture focused on speed, learning, and mentorship
  • hiring talented people that are passionate about our mission and culture

That’s like… lots of my favorite things. Giddy up!

I’ve updated my profile to share this new information on a variety of sites and networks. But those updates being very brief, I thought I’d take a second here to discuss in more detail.

As some of you know, I recently left a position as a Principal Engineer at the Walt Disney Company. Originally I came to Disney via the acquisition of Togetherville – a startup I joined in 2009. Disney is a company with a rich heritage and I was able to participate in some interesting discussions about what the digital frontier holds for such a company. But it’s also a very large organization, and I knew I wanted to do another startup as soon as possible.

There’s just no feeling like putting a new, original idea out into the wild and seeing what happens. We say start-ups are our babies. It’s true! But of our memes – not our genes. New companies are idea-babies that require an extreme commitment to raise and prepare for success at-large. But if you can do it the satisfaction of making a meaningful, lasting impact is very rewarding.

Togetherville’s co-founders, Mandeep and Raj, had an idea to make the Internet as capable a place to learn and share for kids as it is for adults. I liked that idea, and so did everyone who worked at Togetherville. I’m proud of all that we accomplished together. I learned a lot. I’ll miss all of the fantastic people I worked with there – you know who you are!

So… what’s

Online conversation, but for humans.

Ha. That’s not an official tagline, but just how I like to put it sometimes. I can’t wait to have you try it out.

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Let’s meet or catch up; I’d love to tell you more. Email me anytime (dzello at or drop a line in the comments.