What to eat in Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and destination every year, especially in the winter season, of many tourists from all over the world. There are many things you can visit in this city and many dishes that can be tasted, belonging to the culinary tradition of this region. Many typical dishes resemble close to those of the upper Italian Tyrol and the autonomous province of Bolzano, although in Vienna they remain more veracious, typically linked to the Austrian culinary tradition. The typical dishes concern every moment of the lunch, there are in fact numerous first courses, meat dishes and a wide assortment of cakes and desserts. In this guide, we will go to see which are the most famous and known, or what to eat in Vienna.

The dumplings

Among the first courses, try the dumplings (Knoedel), large “balls” of about 6 cm in diameter prepared with stale bread, milk, and eggs, flavored according to the variants with speck, cheese or spinach. They are usually served with butter and sage or in broth.

Meat and soups

The Wienerschnitzel, which corresponds to the very Italian schnitzel, is a must in Vienna. The real Austrian schnitzel is that based on veal (Kalbfleisch) but can also be found in the version of chicken or pork. Very often it is wide and low, almost to occupy the whole dish and is served accompanied by a slice of lemon, potato salad or lettuce salad. Also very popular are the soups, all tasty and tasty: we can taste, according to taste, the Zwiebelnsuppe (onion soup), the Kurbissuppe (pumpkin soup) or the Frittatensuppe (a soup with strips of omelets), all very interesting and tasty, especially if enhanced with a sprinkling of grated local cheese.

The Sweets

Among the main courses to try the typical Gulashsuppe, a soup prepared with morsels of beef, onion, potatoes, and paprika, which gives it the classic red color. In some variations, it is cooked to such an extent that the broth shrinks, presenting it as a stew. The original version, however, is brodosa, with a lot of sauce. Desserts are another highlight of Viennese cuisine. The “Sacher Torte” is definitely the most famous cake of Austrian cuisine: two layers of chocolate paste with a layer of apricot jam in between, all covered with a glaze of dark chocolate. Certainly very caloric but just as tasty, can be accompanied by a splash of whipped cream.


For vegetarians, Viennese cuisine also offers some fish dishes: we often find trout (Forelle) or pike (Zander), usually served fried and accompanied by chips. Sometimes also fillets are served with other preparations but undoubtedly frying is the most frequent preparation.

Drink Bonus: The Wiener Blend

The “Blend” is a hot drink that consists of espresso with milk and milk froth. According to legend, this drink was served for the first time in 1830 in Vienna. The Wiener Blend is very similar to a Cappuccino. You should know that there are many hot coffee drinks in Vienna, such as the Einspänner coffee (double espresso with whipped cream).

In addition, Viennese coffee houses have been classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since October 2011. Cafés are described as places where time and space are consumed, whereas only coffee remains on the premises.

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