Top 3 Fabric Steamers

Conair ExtremeSteam Professional Upright Fabric Steamer

Conair is a well-respected brand in the fabric steaming market, producing the ExtremeSteam fabric steamer which has become the best fabric steamer available on the market today. Utilizing dual heat technology it provides a faster and hotter steam for better results on your garments or fabrics. You can use the fabric steamer on your bed linen to help eliminate bed bugs and dust mites, the extreme heat and steam will eradicate them with precision from your fabric. The ExtremeSteam has 1800 watts of power, which you can fully use to help clean your clothes and fabrics. The appliance can heat up in a speedy 100 seconds and can be used at your convenience in a very quick notice. Due to the T-nozzle feature that provides concentrated steam it creates a 40% hotter environment and passes through fabric 3x faster than other conventional steamers. To get the very most out of your fabric steamer, make sure you’re getting the correct Conair brand. You can crosscheck this with

Conair offers a 12-month limited warranty on all of their products, so if you have any issues or experience any manufacturing defects you can return the fabric steamer for an exchange or repair.

Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial Retractable Full Size Fabric Steamer

The IS9200 is a commercial garment and fabric steamer. It features a code-breaking design that streamlines its performance and makes it ideal for steaming clothes and fabrics around the home. Rowenta has been an industry leader for over 100 years, being founded in 1909 they have excessive experience in producing and manufacturing the ideal fabric steamer. The IS9200 is rather expensive compared to its competitors made Rowenta IS9200by Corsair, however, for overall performance, it definitely takes the lead when it comes to being the best fabric steamer. It produces a high steam output with a wide diffusion area, making it extremely efficient in removing wrinkles. Similar to the ExtremeSteam by Corsair, it only takes 60 seconds to heat up and begin using. The IS9200 can hold up to 1 gallon of water and be used for 2.5 hours of continuous steaming.

Rowenta offers a 1-year warranty on their fabric steamers, if you were to encounter any problems or manufacturing defects, then their customer support will happily help you exchange or repair your steamer.

Epica Powerful 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

The compact and lightweight handheld steamer has been a revolutionary new tool, introduced to the market recently. Epica has released their powerful 800-watt handheld steamer that can be used to iron out wrinkles and clean your clothes. It is great for travelling and touch-ups whilst your not able to use the commercial grade fabric steamers. The Epica handheld steamer can heat up in just under 2 minutes and be ready to use at your convenience. You can directly fill the tank up to 7 oz of water. Alongside your fabric steamer purchase, you also receive a fabric brush and a lint remover.

Epica offers a 3-year warranty on their products, which is three times as long as the conventional warranty on fabric steamers.